The school bells aren’t ringing to change classes. The buses aren’t pulling to the stops to let in children. 

Yet, many of the necessary functions of schools are going forward. The Thomas County Schools System is feeding thousands of kids each day. So too is the Thomasville City Schools system. 

And staffs from both systems are busy making sure the kids get the meals they need. 

They’re also making sure the kids have the tools they need at home to continue learning. It may not be the best way — there is no substitute for students being in a classroom with a teacher offering personal instruction — but this the hand that has been dealt. 

And we’re starting to see how social distancing leads to new circumstances in meetings. Thomasville City Council has been live streaming for some time now, and Thomasville City Schools has put Tuesday’s meeting up on its YouTube channel.

It makes more difficult for the public to have input at those meetings but at least they can keep track of what is transpiring and make their voices heard in other channels. We hope other governments follow suit and allow the public to at least see and hear what's going on without being there.

And we salute our schools for doing what they can to keep our thousands of school kids nourished and educated.