THOMASVILLE — Within a few months, the Thomasville Walmart/FPL meat-processing operation will add 200 jobs.

The Thomasville Payroll Development Authority (PDA) approved an FPL request to put new equipment in the PDA's name, resulting in a tax break for the company.

FPL and Walmart each employ 200 now.

FPL will make a $2.5 million investment in an addition to the existing building, the purchase of new equipment and adding parking spaces, said Shelly Zorn, PDA executive director.

The Walmart facility is the first and only Walmart meat-processing plant nationwide.

2020欧冠名单"All the employees are FPL employees, except for a few Walmart managers," Zorn said. "It's a partnership."

Beef is grown in Texas and brought to Thomasville to be cut and packaged here. Steaks and roasts cut here are shipped to Walmart stores. Byproduct beef from the Walmart facility goes next door to FPL and becomes ground beef.

Zorn said FPL has other customers besides Walmart.

A grand opening of the Walmart processing plant was held last month, and it was announced the two companies would bring 600 jobs. The addition of 200 jobs is bringing the firms closer to that announced job level. Construction of the 201,000 square foot facility began in August 2018.

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