Property owner addresses city council about 'disturbing' newspaper story


THOMASVILLE — A Thomasville resident whose rezoning request is making its way through city government a second time said he will stand up for what is right.

Thomasville Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approving Demetrius Hadley's request to rezone his 106 Cannon St. property from residential to commercial with conditions. The action was passed along to Thomasville City Council, which approved the rezoning request on first reading earlier this month.

2020欧冠名单Final reading of the ordinance to rezone the property was discussed at a Wednesday, Feb. 19, city council workshop.

The mayor said at the workshop he foresaw a problem with a business at the address. Council member Wanda Warren said aesthetics were not good at the site.

A second reading of the rezoning ordinance was on the agenda for the Monday night meeting when the agenda was released Friday afternoon. The rezoning ordinance was not on a revised agenda released Saturday morning.

Hadley, who lives at the address, has operated the truck rental business there for 10 years. He had agreed to a different parking arrangement for trucks and to limits on the size of the business building and the amount of paving in the residential neighborhood.

2020欧冠名单Hadley said after the Monday night meeting he had been updated on the status of the rezoning ordinance and attend the meeting to address the council about a recent newspaper story concerning the rezoning.

Hadley told the council that what he read in the paper and online was disturbing.

"We don't have no control at the Times-Enterprise," Mayor Greg Hobbs told Walden. 

Hobbs pointed the reporter who wrote the story out to Hadley.

Hobbs said the rezoning will be discussed at a council workshop.

2020欧冠名单The request will return to planning and zoning for reconsideration, City Manager Alan Carson said.

After the council meeting, Hadley said he went through the process required to receive planning and zoning approval. He said he had been working for a year to ensure visibility at the site.

"If I did something wrong, where are the people who complained? My neighbors are behind me," Hadley said.

2020欧冠名单"I'm going to stand up for what's right," he added. "I've done nothing wrong."

A self-described leader and influence in the neighborhood, Hadley, who grew up in the neighborhood, said he is a licensed contractor and real estate property manager, in addition to being a U-Haul dealer.

2020欧冠名单"I'm just not a politician," he said. 

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