CAIRO — Tuesday's meeting of the Grady County Growth, Marketing and Development Committee saw members split into three subgroups.

The first group, which committee moderator Trey Gainous dubbed the "who we are" subcommittee, is charged with crafting a repeatable slogan that can be used to brand the county to potential visitors.

2020欧冠名单"What is our mantra?" Gainous asked the eight-member subcommittee. "What tells a story about Grady County?"

2020欧冠名单To do that, Gainous identified six criteria he said a successful marketing campaign should be based around, including sensory perception, profoundness, level of engagement and the ability to evoke emotion. Any potential slogan would need to use at least three of the criteria in order to have a chance of succeeding, Gainous said.

2020欧冠名单Examples of successful slogans Gainous provided included Coffee County's "Business is Brewing" and the City of Dalton's branding as the "Carpet Capital of the World."

2020欧冠名单"It should be short, sweet and to the point," he said.

2020欧冠名单To that end, subcommittee member Charles Renaud said he was interested in investigating the slogans of counties and municipalities bordering Grady County to gather an idea of what has worked nearby.

Renaud added that he believed whatever message the subcommittee selects can reflect not only what assets the county already has, but also what it can become.

"This isn't a message about now," he said. "It's also a message about the future."

Committee vice chair Bob Ponder noted that nearby Bainbridge had long highlighted its historical roots as the "Port City" before shifting its messaging in recent years to better communicate the town's modern assets.

"They changed their focus and it brought in a ton of business," Ponder said.

Two other subcommittees consisting of eight and seven members will meet at later dates to identify assets throughout Grady County and create a plan as to how the full committee's ideas can coalesce into a unified strategy.

Once the first subcommittee's work is complete, they will present their ideas to the full marketing committee on March 12 for a vote of approval. Work will on the other subcommittees will begin once an idea has been approved.

An initial meeting of the first subcommittee has been scheduled for Monday, March 2 at the Cairo-Grady County Chamber of Commerce.