Belief in a young earth of 6,000 to 10,000 years is sneered at and dismissed by much of the scientific community as religious fanaticism. But if we really examine the evidence for a billions-year-old earth, we find the proof actually lacking.

God has placed in my mind to consider just what a length of time even one million years would be. And then we multiply that by six thousand times to arrive at what many today consider the acceptable age of the earth. When we consider such vast spans of time, we have to ask if the earth, surrounded by so many objects in space, would still be around given the high probability of a cataclysmic collision with one of the objects that would completely annihilate the earth, a small planet. Probability of annihilation far exceeds, I believe, the probability of earth surviving for such vast expanses of time. We could use the same argument evolutionists use: with extreme lengths of time, your chances of something extraordinary happening become significant.

Many argue that God could not have literally made the earth and all that is in it in only six days. Why not? The Bible, in Genesis 18:14, asks, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” People who think God could not have done this and that a day must really mean 1,000 or 10,000 years must not really believe in God. For God can do anything. God is God! He can and does do whatever he chooses.

The great 17th century mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal developed a neat piece of logic known as Pascal’s Wager. It tries to justify Christian faith by considering the consequences of belief and disbelief. It argues that it is better to believe in God and receive a great reward if He exists or lose nothing if He does not exist than it is to not believe in God and receive a great punishment if He does exist or lose nothing if He does not.

2020欧冠名单It all boils down to personal choice. Each man and woman must decide to accept the precepts of Christianity or reject them. There is no “fence straddling” here. Either you believe in and accept Christ as personal Savior or you reject him outright. If you are lost you’re headed for an eternity of severe punishment and misery. If you believe in and accept the Savior, you are headed for an eternity of pure happiness and great joy.

2020欧冠名单There is always great danger in arrogantly and vainly trying to elucidate the things of God, of thinking we can reason out explanations for God things. We cannot. We must rely on God’s special revelation, the Bible. God is the ultimate super intelligence. We have to humbly believe what he has already told us in his Word. We have to recognize our inferiority compared with God and trust him and all He tells us. To doubt his Word and think we can figure out ultimate reality is the height of vanity and foolishness.