Gov. Brian Kemp

Gov. Brian Kemp speaks in his ceremonial office on Feb. 26. 

2020欧冠名单ATLANTA — A federal report accuses then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp of mocking allegations of voter suppression with staffers.

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform reported after its investigation it found “concerning information about voter suppression in Georgia.”

2020欧冠名单The , released this week showed emails between Kemp, now governor, and his campaign advisors mocking news articles and allegations of voter suppression.

2020欧冠名单In September 2017, amid his run for governor, Kemp shared a news article about problems associated with local officials challenging voter registrations.

“Good work, this story is so complex folks will not make it all the way through it,” Kemp wrote in the email subject line to staff.

2020欧冠名单A top campaign aide, David Dove, agreed, that the article “won’t help draw eyeballs.”

The next month, after purging more than 500,000 voters from rolls, Kemp and Dove emailed on personal email accounts, mocking a press releases from a Democratic candidate alleging voter suppression.

2020欧冠名单“Mr. Dove forwarded the press release to Mr. Kemp, writing ‘us’ with laughing emojis,” the report says. “Mr. Kemp replied, ‘us’ with a smiling emoji.”

Other emails showed state officials defending their decision to place holds on voter registrations under the state’s “exact match” law.

In a March 2018 email, a senior official in the Secretary of State’s Office acknowledged that the pending registrations were disproportionately black voters, the report says, but blamed the use of paper forms and “sloppy” registrations efforts while denying “any discriminatory impact.”

The federal committee reported that state officials claimed publicly to have no authority over polling places closing, moving or consolidating but behind the scenes were advising “county officials on requirements for closing, moving, or consolidating polling sites — without mentioning the negative impact to voters.”

2020欧冠名单The committee reported other “unfounded allegations” of an investigation into the state Democratic party for an alleged failed hacking attempt.

The committee noted it received thousands of pages of documents from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, the Governor’s Office and Gov. Kemp but 99% were court filings, news clippings and other already public documents.

“The Secretary of State and Governor’s Office have acknowledged that they are withholding more than 1,400 responsive documents from the Committee —including emails involving Mr. Kemp,” the report said.

2020欧冠名单House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, D- New York, said during a hearing in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, that emails obtained by the committee showed Kemp and his aids “gleefully celebrated as they made it harder for hundreds of thousands of Americans to vote.”

“In Georgia, Secretary of State Brian Kemp purged more than half a million voters from the rolls and blocked the registrations of thousands more — all while running for Governor,” she said.

But Georgia Congressman Jody Hice defended state officials.

“It has never been easier to register or to vote in the state of Georgia. In fact, this last election, all demographic groups had record number turnouts,” he said. “That’s because of the efforts that have taken place in Georgia to make voter registration and voting easier and more accessible to everyone.”

CNHI has reached out to the governor's office for comment on the report.