THOMASVILLE — Police responded midday Sunday to a fight at Villa North apartments where about 50 people had congregated, and a fight was in progress.

“They reported knives were involved,” said Thomasville Police Department Maj. Shane Harris.

People scattered and left when police arrived.

Officers attempted to interview people. 

“They wouldn’t cooperate,” Harris said.

Police issued warnings about the governor’s order to shelter in place.

At 6:50 p.m. Sunday, police responded again to the 510 Old Albany Road housing complex.

“We’ve been having flare-ups at Villa North,” Harris said. "Large groups congregate. A lot of them are not residents.”

Again, officers warned about the shelter-in-place order to the large group present.

Harris said some of those present had been warned earlier Sunday or prior to Sunday when police responded to large outdoor gatherings at Villa North.

“We’ve been working with management about the shelter in place,” Harris said.

During the second Sunday response, police saw several people enter an apartment.

The individuals were removed from the apartment and cited for unlawful assembly.

Those cited are Ferrell Byron Cooper, 27, Thomasville; Robert Denise Jones, 33, Thomasville; Dedrick Lovell Mickens, 32, Thomasville; Robert Lamont Watkins, 45,  Boston.

The tenant’s apartment was designated by police as a disorderly house.

The tenant was told her that if violators are found at her home again, she will be charged with disorderly house.